Program Details

For students staying outside of the facility, please enroll using the schedule below. If you are interested in staying at the facility in our dorm rooms, please submit the Beginner MMA Program Inquiry.

JW Beginner MMA Program is for anyone with minimal to no experience in Combat Sports. It’s a 5 days a week, 1 hour program structured for your overall physical development.

At this stage we focus on warm-ups, stretching, safety, defense, and the students are involved in learning all the fundamentals of Combat Sports. They get to learn Stand Up, Ground Fighting, and Sparring.

The classes are fun and very practical. The students are constantly surrounded by great role models in our athletes, and they get to train alongside some of the best MMA athletes to ever do it.

Once the student develops good fundamentals and they are cleared by their Coach, if they choose to advance into Amateur Fighting, they can upgrade their membership to our Amateur MMA Program, which opens up the doors to our Professional MMA Program.

All the JW members receive a discounted rate for Private Sessions (inquire with your Coaches). The Gym facility with all the workout equipment is open 24/7 for all the JW members.