Do I Have To Be A Professional Fighter With An Established MMA Record To Train At Your Facility?

Not exactly. We do accept Amateur MMA fighters with minimal fight/competition experience as well as other Martial Artists, Wrestlers, or Boxers/Kickboxers looking to transition to MMA. For Pro Level Athletes, please click here to inquire. For Amateur Level Athletes, please click here to inquire. For all other inquiries, please click here to inquire.

What other programs do you offer?

We offer Beginner, Teen, and Kids MMA classes.

If I Am An Amateur Fighter With Minimal To No Fight Experience How Long Does It Take For Me To Start Fighting And Get On Your Pro Team Roster?

We have an Amateur MMA Program designed for fighters/martial artists with minimal to none MMA experience looking to get into the fight business. You will be training under a close supervision of experienced coaches and fighters. As you train and progress, you will be told when you are ready to start competing in the amateur fights. To have a priviledge training here will be contingent on you seeking out and partaking in local grappling, kickboxing, and other Martial Arts tournaments. We would like you to have at least one competition a month. We understand it’s not always possible to find and afford going to different tournaments, but your effort will be acknowledged, and you should always consult with your coaches about your current situation and any difficulties you might have. Once you show enough progress, and your coaches evaluate your skill level, you will be encouraged to start taking amateur MMA fights, and within due time, and as you gain more knowledge, you will be moved to the Pro MMA Program. Everyone progresses differently and at a different pace, so there is no time limit how long it takes for you to make it to the next level. It’s all in your hands to earn your way into the Pro Team.

How Do I Reserve My Dorm Room?

Once you inquire HERE, and you are accepted to the academy, we will e-mail you a reservation form that you will need to send back with your credit card number pre-paying for your dorm room. If you are staying for more than one month, you would need to pre-pay at least one month to book your spot, if you are staying less than a month, you will just pay the specified amount for that time period.

What Is The Cancellation Policy On The Reserved Dorm Room?

Due to high demand for dorm rooms, all deposits are final and non-refundable.

What is a Jackson Wink MMA Adventure program?

Jackson Wink MMA Adventure is designed for fans of the sport who are looking to experience what it takes to be a part of the elite MMA team, and to be trained by the best coaches and athletes the sport has to offer. You don not need any MMA or martial arts experience to participate. You will be under close supervision of professionals making sure that you enjoy your time training. Please, inquire HERE.

What Is It Like To Live At The Dorms And How Many People Live In The Dorm Rooms?

There are multiple dorm rooms for male fighters and one dorm room for female fighters. At the busiest times, you might share the Dorm Room with up to 6 other fighters, but we try to keep it at 4 fighters per Dorm Room. Dorm Rooms are specious. You also have common kitchen and living room area, laundry room, and bathroom/showers, to accommodate everyone living at the facility.

When Is The Best Time To Arrive At The Facility?

The best time to arrive to the facility is from 9:30AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. This ensures that there is someone here to process you in and show you around. We do understand that scheduling can be an issue and we will make sure to accommodate you after hours, but please make the best effort to arrive during normal business hours.

How Much Time In Advance Do I Need To Reserve My Dorm Room Or Apartment?

Due to the tremendous response, Dorm Rooms and Apartments will be rented out on first come, first serve basis. We can pre-book your room about 6 months out, but we don’t guarantee the availability due to unforeseen circumstances. Please, contact us 1 to 2 months prior to your arrival date to make sure we have open availability.

Will Coach Jackson And Coach Wink Pay Attention To My Training And Work On My Game Plan Leading Up To My Fight?

Coach Jackson and Coach Wink always help and assist all of the fighters training at our academy, but due to high demand, they mostly work with contracted fighters, and it is physically impossible for them to work on strategies for all of the fighters coming through their camps. We also have many other high-level Coaches ready to assist you and help you in your training.

Do You Have Coaches That Will Work With Me One-On-One?

Yes. You can hire Coaches for individual training, like mitt/pad work, striking, grappling, wrestling, etc. The price varies from Coach to Coach, but it is very affordable.

How Often Can I Train?

As often as your body allows you to. Most of our fighters during their camps train 2 times a day, morning and evening. If you live at the academy, the gym is open to you 24/7.

What Belongings Do I Bring With Me For My Camp?

It all depends on how long you are staying. If you are coming for a short camp, please bring only necessities and enough belongings to last you throughout the camp. If you are planning on staying at the dorm rooms for a while, we do have drawers available in the rooms, but with limited space. We also have a Fighter Shop on premises where you will be able to purchase most of the necessities you will need upon the arrival, pillows, bed sheets, towels, soap, toothpaste, etc. The Hours Of Operation are listed on our Contact Us Page.

Do You Have Enough Parking?

Yes, we have plenty of parking to accommodate our visitors.

What Is Your Media Access Policy?

To make any media arrangements with the gym, please e-mail us at If you need to work with a specific fighter in the gym, please make all the arrangements with that particular fighter or their management and notify us as well.

Where Are You Located?

We are located in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, in one of the safest and the most established areas of the city. There are many accommodations within walking distance from the academy, like Starbucks, McDonalds, Regal Cinemas, etc.

Can I Live And Train At Your Academy For A Short Time, Like A Week Or So? And, How Much Would That Be?

Yes, if we have an available room. The pricing will be pro-rated based on the length of your stay.

Are The Apartments And Dorm Rooms Furnished?

Dorm Rooms are furnished with bunk beds, dressers and a small refrigerator. The Apartments are unfurnished but can be furnished for an additional $100 a month.

Do You Have Classes For Beginners And Kids?

Yes, we offer classes for Beginners and Kids.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Train At Your Facility?

We offer Kids Classes starting at 6 years of age, Youth Classes at 14 years of age, and Pro/Amateur Classes starting at 18 years of age.

Do You Assist With Managing Fighters, Signing Them To Major Organizations, And Help Building Records?

No, we are not a management company, but a training facility. We do assist with finding fights, when possible, but we don’t guarantee it. If you work hard enough and are committed to our team, we will do our best to help you in all of the aspects of your MMA career.

If I Am From Another Country, Do You Assist With Getting A VISA?

Yes, we can send you a basic visa invitation letter for $95. Please, make sure to specify that you need Visa assistance when you fill out the New Fighter Inquiry Form, and we will get you more information. Please, keep in mind that every country has different rules and regulations, so any questions pertaining to obtaining US Visa you will need to contact your local embassy.​Visa is not guaranteed. All of the Fees are none refundable in the event that you don’t get approved for your visa.

Can You Arrange Transportation From The Airport Upon My Arrival?

As much as we would like to help, it is difficult for us to accommodate every fighter coming to train here. The airport is located about 8 minutes’ drive from our facility. You can either take a Taxi or use Uber services to get to the academy.

Will I Get A Chance To Spar With Some Of Your Big Name Fighters?

Most likely yes, but it all depends on timing and the weight you are fighting at. We are always looking for good sparring partners, either pro or amateur, in different weight classes. We have a good number of fighters from different walks of life, and you will be training side-by-side with some of the biggest names the sport of MMA has to offer.

Will Coach Jackson And Coach Wink Corner My Fights?

Only if you are a contracted fighter, fighting for a major MMA organization.

If I Decide To Rent An Apartment Can I Split It With Multiple Roommates?

Yes, you can, but for an additional $150 dollars a month per person. All of the utilities are included as part of your rental agreement and based on our estimate, we charge a bare minimum, therefore every additional person staying at any of the apartments, will be required to pay.

What About Food Accommodations While Living And Training In The Academy?

You are responsible for your own food. We have a full kitchen available if you would like to prepare your own meals. We also have a JW Cafe where you can purchase prepped meals and other food items.

What Gear Do I Need To Have For Training?

You would need to have 16oz boxing gloves, MMA practice gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, mouthguard, groin protection, and headgear (if you prefer). We have a Fighter Shop on premises where you can purchase all the gear.

I Am A Big Fan Of Your Gym, Your Fighters, And The Sport, Can I Visit Your Facility?

Yes, we are very fan friendly place. You are more than welcome to come into the gym during our Public Visiting Hours, Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 3:30PM. Pro Athletes and Coaches are not available for autographs and photo sessions. Absolutely no video filming unless approved by the Management. You are more than welcome to take pictures of the facility and general training, but you have to ask Management permission, so we are aware. We have an observation deck on the 2nd floor where you can watch live training during the visiting hours.

How Can I Go About Booking A Pro Fighter For An Event?

If you need to book a Pro fighter for Seminars, Public Speaking Engagements, Meet & Greet Fan Activities, please contact that fighter or that fighters’ management. * We don’t provide fighter or management contact information.