Jackson Wink Training Rules

These rules apply to anyone who uses the The Jackson Wink Gym’s facilities. The following rules are put in place to ensure a safe and comfortable training environment for everybody. We would be grateful if you would take the time to read them. The Gym rules constitute part of your license to use the gym.

General Conduct

“No Egos. Be Nice.”

  • Please, show respect and consideration for other users of the gym. Abusive, rude, indecent and/or disruptive behavior is strictly prohibited. Be considerate to other members’ rights, privileges, and safety while you are training.
  • Please, respect and comply with the instructions of the instructors and/or the management of the Gym.
  • Have respect for the gym, your instructor and for your fellow students.
  • Arrive to class on time and ready to train. Classes will begin promptly.
  • Please, show up to each class with the necessary equipment and appropriate training attire required.
  • Use of excessive force outside of the gym is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are found using excessive force that is NOT deemed self-defense, your membership will be terminated immediately.
  • Please, be aware that your conduct inside and outside of the Gym has a direct effect on the Gym, your Coaches, and your training partners. Criminal offenses including, but not limited to, those involving: the use or threat of violence; domestic violence and other forms of partner abuse; theft and other property crimes; sex offenses; obstruction or resisting arrest; disorderly conduct; fraud, etc., will carry a disciplinary action.
  • The use of performance-enhancing drugs and/or any other prohibited substances will not be tolerated.


“Stafety First.”

  • You must not train or use the Gym facilities when unwell, ill, or injured. Please notify trainers immediately if you are feeling unwell, fatigued, dizzy or are experiencing any physical discomfort during training.
  • Please, do not train with any open cuts or wounds or with any itching or visible rash which is exposed unless it has been ascertained by a health professional that such rash is not contagious.
  • Please, maintain a reasonable standard of hygiene due to the close contact associated with martial arts. Trainees are encouraged to be clean and freshened up before training and ensure fingernails and toenails are kept short. Deodorant is appreciated!

The following activities are not allowed unless supervised by an instructor:

  • Full contact sparring/fighting
  • Judo/Jiujitsu/wrestling throws, slams and/or takedowns
  • You must always be alert and respond quickly to “tap outs” whether actual or verbal and/or “knock outs” (which includes any event where it appears the other party is unable to defend himself/herself reasonably). When in doubt, err on the side of caution and immediately release and/or cease the maneuver which led to the said “tap out” or “knock out”.
  • Always exercise reasonable caution not to cause undue injury to others.
  • Take all reasonable steps and precautions to protect yourselves and train in a manner which is safe for yourselves and others.
  • Bullying and/or unnecessarily aggressive behavior at the gym will NOT be tolerated.


“Respect The Mat.”

  • Please pick up after yourself and keep the Gym premises in a clean and neat state.
  • Shoes, slippers, or other footwear are not allowed on the training mats or in the cage.
  • No food or drinks at anytime are allowed on the training mats or in the cage.
  • Bathrooms should be kept as clean and dry as possible. Please, wipe your feet when leaving the bathrooms.

Gym Property

“Treat It Like You Would Treat Your Own.”

  • Treat all Gym property with care.
  • Please, do not remove any of the Gym property from the Gym without permission of the management.