Alex Exsisto

Coach at Jackson Wink MMA Academy.

Background And Training

Coach Alex Exsisto, a highly respected figure in the world of Muay Thai, has dedicated over 25 years to martial arts. With over 15 years of experience coaching Muay Thai, he has played a pivotal role in training top fighters in both MMA and Muay Thai. Coach Alex’s extensive skill set, years of experience, and unique training methodology have earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after Muay Thai trainers in the industry.

Journey And Expertise

Alex’s martial arts journey commenced at the age of 12 when he embarked on training across various disciplines. At 17, he began his professional Muay Thai career at the renowned Jockygym in Bangkok, Thailand. This legendary camp, known for its technical style, produced esteemed fighters like Seanchai Sor Kingstar, Lerdsila Chumpaetour, and Somrak Kamsing. Building a solid foundation at Jockygym, Coach Alex evolved into one of the most skilled and knowledgeable trainers worldwide.

Transition To Coaching And Mentorship

After retiring from competition, Alex honed his coaching skills through extensive pad work with fighters throughout Thailand. His career, encompassing 15 amateur boxing fights and 15 professional Muay Thai fights, culminated in receiving personal tutelage in coaching from Ajarn Pipa Jockygym, the visionary behind Jockygym and champions like Saenchai and Lerdsila. Following this, Alex served as the striking coach at BombSquad in Ithaca, NY, for two years.

Coaching Style And Accolades

Coach Alex is renowned for his commitment to his students and his unwavering dedication to helping them achieve their goals. He serves as a mentor and role model to many, and his passion for the sport and craft is truly inspiring. In addition to his own multiple national and international titles in Muay Thai, Coach Alex has garnered numerous accolades for his coaching and training abilities. Multiple publications recognize him as one of the world’s top trainers, and various media outlets have featured him for his expertise in the sport.

Role At Jackson Wink MMA Academy

In 2017, Coach Alex relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he assumed the position of Muay Thai Coach at Jackson Wink MMA Academy. While he appreciates the opportunity to work with legendary fighters at the gym, his primary focus lies in nurturing the next generation of Jackson Wink champions. Coach Alex specializes in authentic Thai-style Muay Thai but prides himself on adapting his coaching style to accommodate different fighting styles. By tailoring his approach to each fighter’s natural abilities, he helps them unlock their full potential.

Contributions To Jackson Wink And Athletes’ Success

Within the walls of Jackson Wink, Coach Alex has trained numerous world champions and top-level Muay Thai fighters. His coaching and training have been instrumental in the success of prominent MMA figures like Jon Jones, Holly Holm, and Carlos Condit. Through his expertise, he has guided these athletes to achieve their goals and become dominant forces in the sport.

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Our World-Class

Coaching Team

The coaching staff at Jackson Wink MMA Academy comprises a highly skilled and dedicated group of trainers and instructors who possess a wealth of experience and expertise in various martial arts disciplines, providing comprehensive guidance and support to athletes of all levels.