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Juan Adams: The Way To Success

Let’s see Juan “The Kraken” Adams story as he climbs up to becoming one of the most successful MMA fighters. Here is Juan Adams’ life story so far.

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The next big star of the MMA, Juan Alejandro Arcienego-Adams, had quite an interesting rise within martial arts. Surprisingly, it wasn’t his first choice of career. However, life has the habit of putting things in their place. So, here we are, observing Juan Adams climbing to the top of MMA popularity with the impressive nickname “The Kraken.” But how did we get there? Let’s see Juan Adams story as he climbs up to becoming one of the most successful MMA fighters. Here is Juan Adams’ life story so far.

Early Years

Born in 1992 in Houston, Texas, Adams had a pretty typical childhood. Being a big pro wrestling fan from a young age, Adams was quick to try martial arts in school. However, he was also trying his chances in football throughout school. Needless to say, he was showing great potential in both of these endeavors.

No doubt Adams had a hard time prioritizing school over all the sports he tried. However, his story of success sure inspires many similar young athletes to repeat it. Fortunately, it is not the early 2000s anymore. These days students can easily find help online by reading things like a paperwriter.com review and choosing professional writers when needed. After all, building paths in academic and professional sports is quite a challenge for teens. So, they deserve to have a break once in a while.

High School & College

We don’t know much about Adams’ academic records. However, it is fair to assume sports have always been his prior focus. After all, not all school athletes become Eagle Scouts for their achievements in sports. However, Adams did earn that title at Strake Jesuit high school. Although Adams was aiming for a football scholarship, his trauma during a match prevented him from qualifying. Hence, Adams focused on his wrestling career.

In retrospect, this was one of the turning points in his life, which certainly led to quite a success story.

Virginia Military Institute offered Adams an athlete scholarship for his achievement in wrestling. He wrestled collegiately right upon his move back to his hometown to be a caretaker for his mother. Around this time, Adams wanted to try his chances with the NFL once again. Being the heavyweight he is, defensive positions have always been his choice. However, even after receiving a position in the tryouts for two teams, Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers, Adams didn’t score much in this area. Hence, the Kraken switched back to martial arts for good this time.

Post Graduation

Being a proud student of the Paradigm Training Center in Houston, Adams started training for an MMA career. He didn’t have to wait for long. Adams’ career started not long after he completed his studies and received a degree in Computer Science (when did he find the time?). Fortunately, today most busy students should worry about keeping up with all their tasks. They can count on academic writing services. If you wonder where to find the time for all your homework, see the answer in the writemypapers.org review. You can learn how to get help online even when there isn’t much time before the deadline. However, it seems that Adams managed to do everything on his own, considering his endless energy, drive, and determination.

So, Adams’ MMA debut happened in late 2016. It was an amateur fight which Adams, of course, won. Ever since then, he knew where his career should go. The pro debut didn’t wait too long. Adams’ first professional fight was in mid-2017. A year later, he also debuted in the UFC. By the day, the UFC spotted Adams in one of his early fights, where he won the battle by what had already become his signature move – a technical knockout. By the way, that’s also how we started his career in the UFC.

Adams’ career wasn’t long, though. After slightly over a year, he chose not to prolong his contract. Instead, he started his way to the PFL in the summer of 2022. This career change can be his big shot at the top. Overall, Adams seems optimistic about his future career moves and has been making quite a name for himself among the heavyweight fighters. He has finally crossed the line where he can become a well-paid, international MMA fighter. Now, it is only a matter of time before his life-changing match happens.

Final Thoughts

Adams’ career has barely taken off yet. However, he has already made his name known to MMA fans and beyond. It seems that his optimistic personality, drive, and dedication to sports have been the moving force for Adams all these years. It is surely fun to watch where his next big breaking moment will happen. So far, Adams has proved that the road to success can be bumpy, but if you stand your ground and aim for the stars, the results won’t make you wait.