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Don’Tale Mayes: The Way from a Simple Guy to a Fighter in UFC

The history of his success started in 2015 when he turned pro and made his debut in Hardrock MMA and is one of the best in the world.

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Don’Tale O’Neil Mayes, who is widely known as Don’Tale Mayes, is an American athlete engaged in Mixed Martial Arts. Currently, the fighter is signed to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), performing within the Heavyweight division. The history of his success started in 2015 when he turned pro and made his debut in Hardrock MMA. Among other achievements is the participation in RFA, V3, VFC, and LFA. When it comes to a world ranking of the top MMA Heavyweight fighters, Don’Tale Mayes keeps the 58th position.

Quick Facts About The Fighter

Birth name: Don’Tale O’Neil Mayes Nickname: Lord Kong Age: 31 Country of birth: Louisville, Kentucky, US Nationality: American Ethnicity: Afro-American College: Ancilla college Profession: MMA fighter Foundation style: Judo, kickboxing Weight class: Heavyweight Pro MMA Record: 9-5-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

Don’Tale Mayers Background

Don’Tale O’Neil Mayes is an interesting person who has become one of the most recognized MMA and UFC fighters in the world. Although the athlete has been in the limelight for quite a while, he managed to keep his private life secret. Therefore, browsing the web, you will not detect much information about early childhood, teenage years, family life, and similar facts. However, what is known about Don’Tale O’Neil Mayes is that he was born on January 16, 1992, in Kentucky, USA. Currently known as a pro Mixed Martial Artist, he started training not because of his passion for sports but because of the aggression he had. In fact, before he transitioned to MMA and other disciplines, he chose judo as a way to discharge aggression. Studying at Ancilla College, Mayes had to devote much of his time to sports, so he never received a degree. The overwhelming majority of college students who are involved in sports know how complicated, frequently impossible to combine two activities without side assistance. Fortunately, there is always an opportunity to take advantage of and similar custom essay writing platforms to deal with the most challenging assignments. Unfortunately, such services, like, were not as popular as they are now, so Mayes struggled with his studies a lot and finally gave it up, focusing only on his career. The UFC fighter makes a maximum effort to live his personal life low-key.

Professional Career Of The Fighter

As it has already been mentioned, the reason why Don’Tale Mayes started fighting was a desire to overcome aggression. However, later he became interested in sports and learned other disciplines. Persistence and determination led him to his professional debut at Hardrock MMA in 2016, where he won against Harry Hunsucker. June 4, 2016, was the second fight, and the athlete won, this time against Arnold Adams. The next fight was a failure, as Mayes was disqualified because of the illegal elbow. In August 2017, he lost again. Later, in 2018, Don’Tale Mayes made his debut in the UFC and lost his first fight via submission. However, he never stopped training and participating in the Heavyweight championships that brought him fame and recognition.

Don’Tale Mayes Career Highlights

One of the most interesting facts about Don’Tale Mayes as an MMA Fighter is a comparatively short career that started in 2016 but has brought him a worldwide reputation and recognition. More known as Lord Kong, Mayes fought in numerous championships, advancing his skills and becoming one of the most appreciated MMA fighters. Are you excited about the career of Lord Kong? Here are a few answers to the most common questions people search for answers to. When was the professional debut of Lord Kong? Hardrock MMA 77 Pro/Am was the event when Lord Kong debuted. February 6, 2016, was the day when the career of an MMA fighter started, defeating Harry Hunsucker. How did the UFC career of a fighter start? The first fight in the UFC took place on October 26, 2019, when Don’Tale fought against Ciryl Gane. Since then, the athlete has had four more fights. When did he win last time? December 19, 2021, the fighter won against Josh Parisian during UFC Fight Night. The third round became decisive. When did he lose last time? July 20, 2022, was the day when Don’Tale Mayes lost Hamdy Abdelwahab. The UFC 277 took place at that time, and Hamdy beat Don’Tale in the third round. Who is the next opponent of Lord Kong? According to the current information, the fighter is not booked for fights. How many UFC fights has he had? In total, Mayes has had 5 fights in the UFC, with the record being 2-3-0 (for win-loss-draw). How many MMA knockouts has he had? Lord Kong has knocked out three different opponents. How many times has he been knocked out? Mayes has been knocked out by an opponent only once during his career.