JW Young Athlete MMA Program

An MMA program design for boys and girls to build skills and confidence, taught by elite level MMA coaches.

MMA Training for Boys and Girls

The Young Athlete MMA Program is an engaging and comprehensive martial arts program tailored for boys and girls aged 6 through 18. Designed to cultivate real-life fighting skills, self-defense against bullying, and potential pathways to becoming Professional and Amateur MMA Athletes, this program offers an extraordinary opportunity for young individuals. By drawing on the expertise of Jackson Wink MMA Academy, renowned for producing top-tier MMA athletes, we ensure that your children receive coaching rooted in excellence.

This program offers young boys and girls an exceptional opportunity to develop real-life fighting skills, self-defense techniques, and the potential for a future in MMA. With a comprehensive curriculum encompassing striking, grappling, and defensive strategies, our program ensures that students gain a well-rounded understanding of mixed martial arts. Moreover, our focus on physical fitness, mental well-being, and sportsmanship creates an enriching and supportive environment for young athletes to flourish.

What We Teach

At Jackson Wink MMA Academy, our Young Athlete MMA Program aims to provide young students with a solid foundation in mixed martial arts within a safe and supportive environment. Through this program, we foster the development of confidence, discipline, and physical fitness. Our experienced coaches deliver expert instruction in striking, grappling, and wrestling techniques, while instilling the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.


The curriculum of our program encompasses all facets of Mixed Martial Arts, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding of both stand-up and ground work. Moreover, it emphasizes maintaining optimal physical fitness for those who choose to compete in various forms of martial arts. The key components of our curriculum include:

  • Warm-up Exercises: Prior to engaging in training, students partake in a series of warm-up exercises designed to prepare their bodies for physical activity. These exercises enhance agility, balance, and coordination, setting the stage for effective skill development.
  • Basic Striking Techniques: Our program teaches the fundamental striking techniques of martial arts, covering jabs, crosses, hooks, and kicks. By mastering these techniques, students acquire a solid foundation in striking, which forms the backbone of their fighting skills.
  • Essential Grappling Techniques: Takedowns, escapes, and submissions are pivotal elements of our curriculum, providing students with valuable tools for self-defense and anti-bullying. These techniques empower them to protect themselves and overcome physical encounters with confidence.
  • Defensive Techniques and Strategies: Understanding the importance of self-protection, we equip your children with defensive techniques that enable them to effectively evade strikes and takedowns. By learning strategies to defend themselves, they gain the necessary skills to navigate physical confrontations safely.
  • Basic Strength and Conditioning: Our program incorporates exercises that enhance endurance, strength, and confidence. By engaging in basic strength and conditioning routines, students develop physical resilience and optimize their overall performance.
  • Partner Drills and Sparring Exercises: To simulate real-life fighting scenarios, our program includes partner drills and sparring exercises. These activities not only promote practical application of learned techniques but also prioritize safety and respect.
  • Mental and Emotional Wellness: We understand the significance of mental and emotional well-being in martial arts training. As part of our program, we facilitate discussions and activities centered around goal-setting, visualization, and mindfulness. By nurturing the mind as well as the body, we foster a holistic approach to personal growth.

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When training at Jackson Wink MMA Academy you are constantly surrounded by professional athletes and world-class coaches. The Academy attracts top-level fighters from around the world, which means that there is always someone to train with who can push you to your limits and help you improve.

Why We're Special

Jackson Wink MMA Academy is considered one of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) training facilities in the world. Head coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn have trained and cornered some of the top fighters in the sport, including Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, and Holly Holm, among others.

Our Facility

Our main training location in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a 30,000 square facility equipped with everything a fighter needs to train and prepare for a fight. Our gym includes a full-size octagon, lots of heavy bags, wrestling mats, a strength and conditioning area, cardio area, pro shop, and more.